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May. 18th, 2008



I just woke up to go take a piss and I thought hey, I should blog too! haha. .(
(Please note it is 5 am and I am spitting out F bombs like no other. . )

Saturday was pretty bomb diggity. Went over to HIS house at 1 and we actually made it out of the house by 3 to have lunch. Zang! We had other things that we needed to do afterwards. . boo-ers. We went to Chili's, fun. After that I battled my way thru traffic, picked up Jezeka, thought DUDE Vong would totally want to go chill. So we picked up him too. . "rushed" him so poor guy ran out without socks, sorry kid! Went to South Coast, got my wallet and now I'm broke and too fucken scared to even use it. . fucken RIDICULOUS! ]: DUMB. Okay, so I wanted to check our Nordstroms cause I wanted to make an appt with Jessica. She wasn't there but I just so happened to spot Ken who was able to find me a schweet pair of strappy heels .. He is fucken awesome with shoes. Hmmms.. rushed outta there to TRY to get to Mitsuwa in time, no luck at ALL there. It was kinda closing when we came there so we're going to go tomorrow/today . . haha
Picked up some Hooters. . Note to self, Vong likes SPICY/HOT wings. haha. . SORRY! So I went to pump gas. . oh holy hell. . 70$ almost. DAMN. At least I only pump gas like once every week anyways. . hmms what else . . went to Genki Living, saw Jimmy and Nathan. . ZANG that was so long ago. haha. . Went over to Yogurt Passion to kick it with Tyler, Harry and them "s2k" folks. . fun, didn't leave til 11:30 with the kids.. hahaha. . We saw a lambo and ferrarri so that was pretty dope and fun! We so blasted music like no other in the car too. .pretty funny. Sometimes . . I think Vong is going to turn deaf!
Okay so today/later we're going to Chuck E Cheese, for my little cousin's birthday. . uhm I totally forgot to get her something. . the hell is wrong with me! I was at the mall for HER! ]: So in a few hours, I'm going to pick up Vong and maybe TRY to be late to the party cause I forgot to get her something. . oh hell! TIL LATERS or TOMORROW

May. 7th, 2008


schweet as pie.

I'm back. It's been quite a while, sorry!
I finally got my haircut with bangs and whatnot. I'm experimenting with make up, with MAC of all things. Since I was so antiMAC, a few months back. It's pretty good since I have a local PRO store near by. I love making new palettes. Even though it's costing me a LEG and a ARM at the moment. I got to work against the grind and make it RAIN. haha. .
I got my pigment samples from "Nessa" from www. ( btw, i highly recommending to check out her page for make up tips. ). I'm going to give B, the Mutiny one cause I just brought that one when it came out last Thursday from the Naughty Nauticals collection. Har Har. .
I am wanting new pairs of HEELS ( especially for work. . eek! ), a new wallet to go with my Chanel 2.55 ( I am STILL so excited about this purchase! ), plus Chanel Mademoiselle perfume. Woot. I am so ready to get these things AFTER I get my 1-5% cashback PLUS paying off SOME of NEXT month's payment! lol. Kinda sad.
Okies, so bye bye kids. . nothing more to say.

Apr. 13th, 2008



So I'm broke, spending 5$ a minute. Shit.
I got two MAC palettes one for my pinks and purples. Then the other one is for the browns, greens and blues. I'm waiting for Naughty Nauticals to come out May 1st so I can see if I even want any of those blues. I think I'm going to wear the smokey olive greens and browns at work when I want my natural look then these bright colors for other times. . I am going to make sure that I will be able to just wear everything. . or else I'll think it's bullshit if I don't. BIG BIG WASTE OF MONEY.
I finally got Roman Holiday from NARS, I love it! But I think it might be similar to the EDM lippie that I got for only 3$, shit.

He's SO going to kill me.. :T

Mar. 11th, 2008



So I am broke . . BROKE. . and just to make matters worse, I really want three books to continue to complete my book collection/series and I am still debating if I want that "timeless cc totebag" from Chanel. People say get a "knock off" but I'm just not into knock offs, i actually value the designer and i don't support it. A fake bag makes me feel like the Grinch on Christmas day, does that make sense? I know I really can't afford $2k for a purse, but maybe I can get the purse and slowly wait for a good wallet to go with it, I like to match my purse to my wallets, that's just the way I am. . and it's going to ruin  me.
I haven't been able to post up on what I've eaten, but no worries. . I have them all on my flickr acct. and will try to get most of those photos public and make some use of my flickr pro acct. Gah. I'm so broke but I'm going to go out with my mommy and auntie, laters folks!

So here's the list of books that I want.
Laurell K. Hamilton - Blood Noir
(#16 in her vamp. detective series. . i have varies ones in this series and waiting til i have real time and will search for used ones. .  to complete my collection. )
Stephanie Meyer - Breaking Dawn ( the LAST in her great series)
Stephanie Meyer - The Host ( A start of a new series, let's see if this one is just as great. .)
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Mar. 9th, 2008



Love it.
So he woke me up then slaughtered me til I finally got out of bed and to the shower. Picked me up and we went on our way to the Oakley Factory, which seemed closed? After that we went home and slept on the floor. . haha. (: We had any extra hour of sleep but all we did was sleep on the freaken floor, that's what I call love.
Miss it, miss him. Gah! The night ended real early but I had a really good day. (: I just noticed that I pretty much slept like 95% of my weekend.

Feb. 27th, 2008


Hey Stranger.

No class today, yet again. Meaning I really need to put in extra hours this weekend. I mean I now have a very clean environment to study because my mom cleaned my room. I still have junk under my bed though, beware of Bob! He's my scary blob monster underneath my bed. Haha. . that's what I told my little child, Vy Vy. She didn't believe me that he just eats carrots, though. ( Note: It's my baby cousin, who's 5 and so smart! )
Got my iPod, I love it w/ the Incase cover. A bit annoyed with the whole iTunes download thing, I'm still missing an Ep. that I just brought. Reported it but we'll see what's going to happen. I'm pretty sure, it'll be fixed. Then my iMail doesn't work, really lags. . that bugs me. Going to check out why on .mac .
I've dropped my phone so much. I'm hating it. I haven't found a good case nor have I've been able to find a new housing so that it seems that I haven't dropped my phone. Haha. . I mean come on, for the amount of money that I paid for that phone, I better not drop it or have a case to protect it. Gay.
I have already used about 2k texts in the amount of less then 2 wks. ( 12 days. ) Can you say, wow? I really want to see how far I take it. Who knows maybe I can text like 5k. . haha.
I uploaded a lot of pictures from my phone onto my flickr account, I'll upload them here in a few blogs from now. Haha. <3
Another useless blog. . oh wells.

Feb. 25th, 2008


Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.

Here's little pictures of what I've eaten the last few weeks, snapshots of it all.

My Pepsi can. (:

My little rice pot.

My D.C. Chicken salad from Corner Bakery.

My shrimp fried rice.

My vegetarian spring rolls.

I had a very late dinner and now I'm suffering because of it. I have to stay up late and just sit here and try to study to work off what I just ate. I think I just ate way too much today, who knows? Ugh. Yeah, all that food I've eaten out for the last couple of weeks or so. Teehee. . way too much eating and whatnot. (:

Feb. 18th, 2008



I don't have school 'til Wednesday, currently I'm watching "Journey to the West II"  and I really need to study my humanities, history and art books. I really need to read my art book, especially since we haven't really learned anything in art. We've watched a movie about some art stuff but haven't really gotten into the book and learn what each artist did. I'm pretty much annoyed by that but it's not the teacher's fault. . just the classroom is falling apart and we couldn't even learn anything. Can you say L.A.M.E.?
My "To Do List" is actually mainly to finish school and clean my stupid room. I haven't set up anything like my alarm clock and especially my computer. Yeah, I've been using my macbook since I brought it. Annoyed. I really want the new Leopard, iLife '08 and then well renew my .Mac account. Yeah, I'm such an "Apple" nerd or an sheep. I think I want an new iPod Classic with an Incase cover. That's about a few hundred bucks, it's just for my birthday gift to myself. I think that's going to have to wait too, because I have such a large bill coming up. Ugh.
So I got a new phone plan to get my lovely Nokia N95 8gb working. I love it even more now since I have the whole GPS nonsense. . which will help when one of these days when I get lost. Let's see what else, I recently dropped my phone and it got a bit scratched up and I've seen like new housings for the N95 8gb in pink and silver. Then at this time I can also get a hard cover for it too, so that that won't happen again. Hmms? I'm such a klutz and a bit sadden that I dropped it. Let's see what else, I like that I can upload or transfer my pictures and whatnot online to my flickr account, which I can use to blog with.
I think I'm going to make a pledge to myself to not buy anymore make up or clothes or nonsense stuff. I'm going to limit it to about 75$ a month or less. We'll see if this will actually last. So that then I can save money and then actually get a somewhat good amount for a down payment on a car. I really need a car and I don't care what it is at this point. I mean my '83 300sd isn't working at all and it's suppose to be my new car. We'll see if I can get that truck that I really, really, really want. It'll be good for the family and then I'll get a "new" car, haha.
/end of this blog. . I know it's random but it's okay.

Feb. 17th, 2008


Yogurt Passion.

Yogurt Passion was yum. Let's see I have raspberry & green tea yogurt in there. Big, big, big pieces of moochi, chunks of strawberry, longan, little baby gummy bears and like 2/3 pieces of cookie crisps. ( Yeah, I know 2/3 pieces of cookie crisps. )
That's my dessert with the family. Mom was freezing cold because there wasn't any more room in the place so we sat outside but then kids started to smoke . . and mom wasn't going to have that. . so we left, I really like Yogurt Passion and maybe since it just open so their chunks of fruit is really big, who knows. . we'll see in the far distant future.
Heh. . I want to go to B&N and then just get some magazines and whatnot. I haven't picked up the latest edition of Evo and Automobile, gayness. Lol.

Feb. 7th, 2008


to do list. .

- relax.
- naptime. .?
- study.
- eat.
- shower.
- get ready for work.

Will blog later on tonight, I hope. I really need to sit down and just read all "required" text. Eek.  Oh and I brought some clothes from F21, I love the new pastel colors for Spring but I didn't find any. . that I actually liked. . lame. Oh wells, there's plenty of F21 out there and let's hope that I can find something that I will actually like. . more spring colors and skirts and dresses. woot.

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